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The area around Antares, the eye of Scorpion, is one of the most colourful areas of deep space. In the image you can see a blend of blue and yellow reflection nebulae, red emission nebulae, dark nebulae and there is even a globular cluster - M4 - hidden amongst the dust and gas.

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The horsehead nebula is one of the most famous and recognisable nebula in the sky.  Its beautiful shape is silhouetted against the red emission nebula which covers most of the constellation of Orion.

Horsehead Nebula
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This is one of the great globular clusters in the Milky Way.  It contains over 3,000,000 stars all gravitationally bound to each other.  If our planet was orbiting a star in this cluster we would have very light nights due to the combined brightness of all those stars.

Omega Centauri
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This amazing green bubble is caused by a massive star nearing the end of its life.  Called a Wolf-Reyet star, it is amongst some of the largest in the Universe.  The green is caused by material being blown away from the star.

Sharpless 308
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The Tarantula nebula is a massive star forming region in the Large Magellanic Cloud, which is the closest galaxy to the Milky Way.  If the Tarantula were as close as the Great Orion Nebula it would cover an area of the sky equivalent to the whole of the Orion constellation and would cast shadows at night.

Tarantula Nebula
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